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President and Chief Executive Officer

 Rey joins IDCI with 20 years of corporate experience in the fields of finance, sales, human capital, logistics and manufacturing.  




 Chief Operating Officer

 As the former and previous Chairman and Managing Head of the Regional Board of Investments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RBOI-ARMM) now Bangsamoro-ARMM, Atty. Mastura  presided over an unprecedented registration of about P24-B investments in the region. 




 Chief Finance Officer

Jacque has more than 20 years extensive  experience in managing finance and administration of business enterprise, finance institution and international aid programs.   




Chairman of the Board

Atty. Bacani brings to IDCI 20 years of experience in policy formulation and capacity development as the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Autonomy and Governance

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 Partners are institutions and/or leaders that we collaborate with in broad and long-term engagement.  


 Advisers are exemplary individuals and leaders in business,  governance and development.  They share their wisdom and counsel towards  achieving the mission of IDCI and for building peaceful and prosperous  communities.  


Our affiliates are experts in their fields and act as resource  persons or consultants to address general or specific needs of our  clients.  


A. Business Set-up


Doing business requires the ideal platform for engaging the market with your products and services including marketing your business ideas for financing or start-up capital. We help you in your decisions on the ideal set-up for the particular product or services you have in mind.

  • Registration, Licenses and Permitting
  • Government Compliance
  • Building Planning and Permitting
  • Organizational Development
  • Corporate Launching and Events

B. Business Research

Whether it is off-the-shelf ready-made business plans or bespoke business plans that are tailor fit to the product or services you have in mind, we can help provide the necessary research to complete and test your business plans or refer and match you with the right research partners and professional consulting services.

  • Pre-feasibility
  • Final Feasibility
  • Community Research
  • Market Research

C. Business Development

Business plans require good timing and execution and this is where our business development services come in as we help you in project execution or simply provide sound business advice and mentorship.


  • Product Development and Launching
  • Supply and Value Chain Development
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • In-store execution
  • Project Management – Construction and Manufacturing set-up
  • Relationship Management

D. Business Back Room Services

Outsourcing backroom services has become standard practice as part of business office solution and efficiency in today’s fast moving market place. We offer to find answers to your outsourcing needs.

  • Trade Marketing
  • Human Capital Management and Development
  • Logistics Outsourcing
  • Events Management 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management



A. Comprehensive Land Use

Land use is an essential component of every project execution and we hope to provide you with an array of business models on land use or refer you to professionals that can help you execute your land use plans.

  • Surveying to pre-proposal
  • Drafting and Final Reporting

B. Site Development and Concepts


Site development and finding the best concepts to maximizing use of site space is part of the menu of our services as we hope to find clients or partners for your project proposals.

  • Concepts and proposal
  • Site Development and Marketing

C. Financing Development


For the most part, whether it is a private sector business or other economic development initiatives, they require not only start-up capital or development investments but also need to show that there is actual revenue stream, or other manifestations of economic viability, or return on investment from the start of operations if not long-term pay-off in terms of public good, and as such, we offer help in coming up with innovative financing solutions while leveraging your relationship and social capital.

  • Private-Public Partnership
  • Joint Ventures

D. Investment Priorities and Code


We offer to provide services in determining investment priorities based on resource mapping and based on your available comparative or competitive advantages. We can even provide inputs in crafting local investment codes and other investment promotion measures or mechanisms suited to your existing resources, locational or geographic advantages. 

  • Inputs and crafting
  • Investment Promotions

E. Governance and Transparency


Good governance has been shown to be catalytic for economic development and growth of businesses in localities and we hope to leverage business solutions from the market place in order to foster good governance, or help come up with a virtuous cycle of transparency and governance that leads to business confidence in localities. 

  • Social Services
  • Media and External Affairs Relations
  • Resource Development

F. Project Management

We can provide project management consultancy, be your partner ourselves or find you the right partners.

  • Project Management Consultant

G. Local Executive Training and Development


In any project or venture, the available human capital is mostly what it all boils down to. The search for talent or trainable work force need not be your bane instead we offer to help develop and train local manpower, or look for solutions to your human capital needs. 

  • Manpower Training and Development




A. Livelihood Training and Implementation

Besides our own in-house experience, our grassroots network and Civil Society Organization affiliates, who are involved in community development, are ready to lend their experience and expertise especially in rural enterprise development and on farming communities and their livelihood needs. 

  • Product focus training
  • Agri-services and technology

B. Inclusive Business Matching

Inclusive business models and social enterprises have been around for sometime where the community are part of the value chains of business enterprises. Finding and even vetting potential partners for inclusive business models or social enterprises are what we can offer you. 

  • Market matching
  • Product Consolidation

C. Special Interests

We offer to work with you on your special requirements on community development based on your unique situation or particular contingencies and constraints. 




A. Peace and Order Situation


We offer our services in looking at the potential risks regarding peace and order in the locality or site of your investments and other projects. We leverage our network and decades of experience working in conflict affected areas, particularly in Mindanao.

  • Government Assessment
  • Independent Assessment

B. Risk Management


We offer to provide risk management assessment and suggest potential solutions to threats whether in terms of physical safety or a wider risk mitigation strategy.

  • Threats mitigation
  • Security Requirement

C. Environmental Assessment 


Environmental risk compliance is not only a legal obligation but also part of business sustainability goals and planning. As such, we hope to help innovate with you practical solutions in this growing field of business risk assessment.

  • Responsible resource utilization



A. Resource Utilization


At the nexus of public and private engagement, resource utilization is often the key question due to the finite nature of resources. We can help analyse and work together with key constituencies to help provide answers or help work out the necessary compromises for projects to push forward.

B. Gain Sharing


We can work on models of public and private benefit sharing. Aside from standard business models, being based in Mindanao, which also has a big minority Muslim population, we can also offer solutions from Islamic banking and finance, where profit-sharing and risk-sharing has been developed as the archetype. 

C. Health Impact


Health and public safety are primary concerns for any public and private engagements. We hope to work with you together with health and safety experts in bridging the gap of public expectations and the unique situation or special circumstance of individual programs and projects.

D. Community Acceptance

No public-private engagement can long endure without community acceptance. While lobby groups and special interest constituency work is standard for any public-private engagement, we hope to leverage our experience in community-based engagement and grassroots work in order to foster and balance community interests with business and the wider public interest needs.  





Chairman of the Board

Atty. Benedicto Bacani brings to IDCI 20 years of experience in policy formulation and capacity development as the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Autonomy and Governance

Atty. Bacani is the former Dean of the College of Law of Notre Dame University in Cotabato City. He has broad international experience in examining political solutions to conflicts and promoting the rights of minorities, having been a senior fellow of the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC; Hubert Humphrey fellow at the University of Minnesota where he specialized in federalism and conflict management; short-term consultant on constitution-making in Nepal; and visiting lecturer at the European University Centre for Peace Studies in Austria. 

He was Asia Director of an international funding agency that provided grants to programs on education and peace and reconciliation to 13 countries in the region. He has authored many publications, including the widely referred, “Beyond Paper Autonomy: The Challenge in Southern Philippines” (2004), that examined the causes of the failures and successes of Muslim Mindanao autonomy.




President and Chief Executive Officer

Rey joins IDCI with 20 years of corporate experience in the fields of finance, sales, human capital, logistics and manufacturing. 

He was Country General Manager of San Miguel Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company consortium on non-carbonated beverage in the Philippines. After his retirement, he engaged in business, built his home base in General Santos City, and has since become an entrepreneur. 

The Ateneo de Manila University provided his post-graduate studies under its Program for Strategic and International Management. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame University in Cotabato City. He attended short-term schooling at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City and Southern Baptist College in Mlang, North Cotabato. He is a certified Public Accountant since 1985. 

Rey's involvement in the community as former Governor of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, past President of Rotary Club, Chairman of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional Advisory Council, past Chairman of the Region 12 Competitive Council, past Vice Chairman of the General Santos City Tourism Council and Mentor of GoNegosyo are not only manifestation of his leadership skills but also his heart to pay forward. 




Chief Operating Officer

Atty. Mastura has more than 15 years of experience in trade, industry, business and investment policy-making and doing business in Mindanao having been the Chairman and Managing Head of the Regional Board of Investments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RBOI-ARMM) now Bangsamoro-ARMM (2009-2018). As RBOI chief, he presided over an unprecedented registration of about P24-B investments in the region. Concurrently, he served as the Economic Cluster Head of the ARMM Regional Cabinet.

He was previously the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Autonomous Regional Government. He was also the longest serving Regional Secretary of the ARMM Department of Trade and Industry (2002 -2008). 

He graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a B.Sc. in Management, and afterwards took up his Juris Doctor (law degree) from the same  institution. He finished his Master of Laws in Petroleum Law and Policy in 2007 at the University of Dundee in Scotland, U.K. after having obtained a prestigious British Chevening scholarship. 

As Regional Secretary, he is best known for his work in instigating and drafting the Regional Economic Zone Authority or REZA law by the ARMM Regional Legislative Assembly, which law is a milestone legislation in the region as it seeks to foster the development of Special Economic Zones, Free Ports, Industrial Estates, Agro-industrial  Centers and Free Trade Zones as a strategy for economic growth. 

He is a recipient of an Australia Awards Fellowship from the Australian government and from the Queensland University of Technology on Development Corridor Strategy for Mindanao (2015). He was co-convenor and presenter on Trade and Investment Taskforce and Dialogue  of the 1st U.S. – Islamic World Regional Forum in Kuala Lumpur on October 13-14, 2008 of the Brookings Institution. He was recipient of  the International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States Department of State with the theme “Grassroots  Democracy” visiting Washington, D.C., Greensboro, Minneapolis/St. Paul  and San Diego from November 13, 2006 to December 1, 2006. He is an  alumni of the 12th New Generation Seminar of the East-West Center with the theme of “Homeland and Domestic Security and the  International Law and Community Responses to the Events of September  11”, East-West Center, Honolulu, New York, Washington D.C., September 1-15, 2002. 


He has worked in the private sector, after graduating from law school in 1997, as an Associate Attorney in the country's oldest law firm, Siguion Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako Law Offices. 

He has written numerous articles on Mindanao peace and development, the ARMM or Bangsamoro economic issues and his work has been published in journals, books and prestigious publications of various think tanks here and abroad. He was part of the technical working group in the Bangsamoro peace negotiations and was a member of the Swiss-led Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission for the Bangsamoro. 




Chief Finance Officer

Jacque has more than 20 years extensive  experience in managing finance and administration of business enterprise, finance institution and international aid programs.  

She was Finance and Administrative Manager of Notre Dame Press, Inc. for 10 years and sat as member of the Oblates Of Mary Immaculate Media Board and member of the Credit Committee of the Printing Industry Association of the Philippines South Central Mindanao Chapter. 

Jacque was also a member of the Audit Committee, Credit Committee, Supervisory Committee and the Board of Directors of the Notre Dame University Credit Cooperative.  

She obtained her Degrees in Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting and Master in Business Administration at Notre Dame University.  

Jacque is currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Institute for Autonomy and Governance.